Recommendations from Experienced Freelance Writers: How to Find Good Websites

Freelance writing is an excellent way for people from all walks of life to make a little extra income doing something they are really good at. Starting out is pretty easy as long as you know what it is you want to accomplish. Some people want to write a few articles a week and can usually get by without building profiles, while other writers want to take on as many assignments as possible and need to establish an online presence. Here are some ways to find good websites to help you land as many jobs as you’d like:

Professional Freelance Websites

There are a number of professional freelancing websites popping up. They bridge clients and freelancers for thousands of projects each day. This is the first place you should look to starting an online profile to showcase your skills and services in order to attract the writing jobs you desire. Be sure to constantly update the site with sample pieces and revised terms if any. Doing this will keep your profile up to date and let clients know that you are actively involved in taking on job assignments.

Professional Social Websites

Professional social websites are also great for starting or boosting your freelance writing career. Some sites will let you provide extended work histories which you can optimize with keywords related to your field or expertise. Dozens of professional connections can be made each day, increasing your visibility not just on the social website but also across the internet.

Personal Websites/Blogs

A good website is one that allows you to display as much of your professional abilities as possible in order to give a wider picture of your writing talents. Personal websites or blogs offer just that. It’s your site so you can pretty much customize it to look however you want it. Upload photographs, PDFs, or word docs showing your best work. Provide links to your other professional pages and watch as the job assignments roll in.

Online Classified Websites

These are becoming less and less popular as a way to purchase items, but online classified ads are still a great place to search for and find a wide variety of professional services. One of them, of course, is writing. And this is why you have to take the opportunity to post your services in online classified ads just as you would have done so if had wanted to promote your services years ago. Your space may be limited so be sure provide links to your professional sites (any of the ones listed above).

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