How To Find The Best Sports Freelance Writing Opportunities

Okay, so you fancy a career as a freelance sports writer? Welcome to the club! Sports writing has to be one of the most highly sought after careers. While I don’t personally see the attraction, I can understand how anyone with an interest in sports might want to combine their passion or hobby with a financially rewarding career. The problem that most people encounter is getting the initial break. Sports jobs are unlikely to just drop into your lap and you have to usually be prepared to put in a lot of groundwork in order to get the kind of results that you are looking for.

Not put off yet? Great, here’re my top tips on how to find the best sports freelance writing opportunities:

  • Build a general portfolio
  • Trust me, you are extremely unlikely to be able to secure the best gigs if you are a complete novice. You need to demonstrate a proven track record and the best way of doing that is to work the grunt jobs initially until you have enough of a portfolio to be able to prove that you are worth taking a chance on. I get that means taking on some fairly low-paid work initially, but having that initial portfolio will make it easier to get your foot in the door.

  • Be proactive
  • As I have already alluded to this is not the easiest of lines to break into, therefore you are going to have to take the proverbial ball into your own court and proactively seek out opportunities. This is going to mean, contacting local sports clubs, either in person, by email or by phone, and taking a keen interest.

  • Be sincere
  • There is no point faking an interest in a particular sport just to get your foot in the door. Sports fans are frequently fanatical and you will easily be caught out! It is better to be honest, and explain your reasons and making them aware that you will do an incredible job! If you do have a passion for a given sport then let that passion shine through.

  • Be persistent
  • I am not suggesting that you make a nuisance of yourself or completely pester people. However, you are going to have to be prepared to be rejected numerous times before getting the break that you deserve. Having a tough skin is a pre-requisite of any good writer.

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