Helpful Tips On How To Get Paid For Freelance Blog Writing

If you love writing, have a laptop with a high-speed Internet connection, and dedication to become a freelance blog writer, you only need to find out how to get started and find a paid job. Fortunately, there are plenty of different options for the newbies to choose from. Use the helpful tips on how to get paid for blog writing provided below.

How to Start Your Freelance Blogger Career

You should avoid procrastination and get started your career today, following these simple tips:

  • You should spend some time to find your niche. It is hard to make money as a blogger if you are not a subject matter expert.
  • Improve your skills. You should master your skills to make more money. Obviously, you should learn how to type fast, what word processing software to use, and how to maintain your own blog. It is important to minimize the time that you spend doing routine tasks.
  • Launch your personal blog. You will need a portfolio to get a paid job. Your personal blog is an important part of your portfolio. There, you can share examples of your writing, your CV, and contact information.
  • Work on growing your community. Effective networking is necessary if you want to find new clients. You should post relevant content, respond to comments provided by your subscribers, and consider selling products to your readers, such as e-books, online courses, articles, etc.
  • Search for regular clients. Keep in mind that seeking new clients and building business relationships takes time. Time is money, so it makes sense to work with long-term clients who know your style and can offer a higher rate for you.
Where to Find Freelance Blogging Jobs

On the Internet, you can get access to hundreds of freelance gigs for bloggers. The newbies usually start small, but they always increase their rates when the time is right. The following places are worth checking in the first place:

  • Blogging job boards. Use your search engine to find a popular blogging job portal, register, create your profile, and subscribe for updates.
  • Jobs for journalists. Many magazines hire freelance bloggers to maintain their blogs on different websites.
  • Social networks. There, you can find announcements about open positions. Usually, small businesses look for bloggers by using social networks.
  • Daily and weekly newsletters. Electronic newsletters often hire bloggers to create content for their websites.
  • Blogs of popular writers. Successful bloggers often seek helpers who will write some content for their blogs, including news, reviews, and funny stories.

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