Getting Freelance Writing Jobs Online: How To Avoid Frauds

Freelancing online can be a big risk. You can get many jobs. As a matter of fact, there are plenty jobs online. There are more jobs than, as a writer, the whole community can effectively do. But, there’s a catch. Not all of these are legit. There are, unfortunately, many people who post bogus offers and get people to do work for them but never pay. Here are a few tips on how to avoid this situation.

  1. Use an agency of some sort
  2. Using an intermediary agency will ensure that you get paid. In fact, it will ensure that whomever is hiring you actually has the funds and the intention of paying you. For example, in case you aren’t getting paid at all, the agency will take care of your payment, but it will also imply giving a percentage of your winnings to them. Security doesn’t have a price tag.

  3. Check out your employer
  4. Who is hiring you? Where are your payments coming from?

    It’s always good to know where the money you’re getting is coming from. Check out your employer’s webpage, see that they are only into legal and legit things. As a writer for the company, you too could go down if they do.

  5. Take care of yourself and your interests
  6. Although writing technically enters in the area of freedom of speech, be careful not to write anything that could put you at risk of being sued for slander. As the author, you are the sole owner of your opinions and what you write, but this also means that you will be held responsible for each and every word you write in favor or against someone or something.

  7. Make sure that YOU get credit
  8. Even though a company or a person is hiring you to write for them, your content is yours. This means that whenever something is published, you are technically the proprietor and that means that if you for some reason end up writing the next All-American hit, that you will be the person on the receiving end of the profits and ensuing royalties. It was you who wrote and worked for it, so you deserve the perks and credit. Yes, that also means that if you write the All-American trash, you will also be remembered for it. But hey? Don’t they say that no publicity is bad publicity?

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