How To Become A Freelance Writer: 5 Basic Rules For Starters

When you seek out your first freelance client, there are some cardinal rules to follow that will ease your correspondence and ensure satisfaction on both sides. Here are two tips on what to do before you apply for your first job, and three more on what to do when you are dealing with your first client.

Make sure you back up your talent

Never promise a client that you can do something you can’t. Be sure to get the necessary qualifications for the job you are applying for so that your reputation remains intact. Many writers may think they have talent, but refining that talent through a writing course will do wonders for your skills.

Be bold enough to get honest feedback

Always ask your client to give you honest feedback. Encourage your client to advise changes so that you can learn from your mistakes. This also makes it very difficult for a client to give you a bad rating, because you are showing a willingness to correct mistakes and make changes where necessary.

Price-setting advice

Before bidding for a particular job, make sure you do some research on your competitors. Take a look at what others are charging so that you know what is reasonable according to the industry. Your price must be balanced if you are to get work on a regular basis.

Communication and deadlines

Communication is an important factor for many clients. Ensure that you are always available to receive additional instructions or feedback. If you find that you may not meet your client’s deadline, always let them know beforehand and apologize for the delay. Give them a valid reason for the delay—one that excludes your own personal problems.

Get your brief in writing

An action that will prevent lots of unnecessary complications later on is compiling a brief for your client to sign off on. This just lets the client know that you understand their requirements and prevents them from adding anything to it later on. So if your client doesn’t give you a brief, make your own and have them approve it.

Follow these rules as a beginner and don’t forget to maintain them as your career starts to grow. Always be honest with your clients and keep them coming back for more with your high quality and exceptional service.

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