Vital Advice On How To Become A Freelance Writer

When you are a freelance writer, you get to control much of your career. You are your own boss. If you love writing, you could be able to make a fine living in this profession. You need to do very important things as you start your career. Use our vital advice on how to begin your career.

Vital Advice

  • Write some samples-decide which forms of writing you will do, and compose samples that you can use to show potential clients. You could do cover letters, resumes, essays, copy write, SEO, academic, or news.
  • Consider a website-you can buy a domain and make a website for less than $100.00. The directions for making the website are all over the Internet. At the site you will want to include some SEO driven copy, your contact information, your fees, your reviews, and your references. Also include a listing for the jobs you are qualified to do.
  • Decide your fees-you need to decide how much you will charge for your work. Look around at the other sites to see what the charges are for comparable work.
  • Get references and make a resume-you should make a professional resume and then make a list of references. Have contact phone numbers and email addresses for your references. Make sure to ask permission to list the people as references.
  • Advertise-buy some advertising space online, post your information on college bulletin boards and periodicals, and then post advertisements in local magazines and local newspapers. Get the word out that you are ready for business.
  • Work for writing company-search the words “writing company”. There are thousands online. You could work for one of them. You would never have to look for work again. At these sites, possible employees will fill out an application, provide writing samples, and take grammar tests. You should know the MLA, APA, and Harvard styles of writing.
  • Be a professional-once you are hired you need to make sure your work is perfect, you meet all of your deadlines, and you always thanks your customers. When you thank them, ask if they have any other work for you to do. Return customers can generate a lot of income.
  • Read the contracts carefully-when you sign a contract for a job make sure you read all of the fine print. You can generate your own contracts if you wish to do so.

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