How To Become A Well-Paid Freelance Poem Writer: Tips For Newbies

When someone moves smoothly, we refer to his movement as poetry in motion. Poetry thus is analogous with smoothness, vitality and lucid energy. The big problem is – you cannot force someone to write verses in the same way as you may do him with prose. Poetry is an inherent germination; not a forced creation.

Exacting demands

Freelance writing is also studded with jobs for poems and these pay well also. However, the demands are excruciating; you have to weave the relevant sentiments in a cathartic manner. You should also endeavor to propel the readers towards greener pursuits.

The three major segments

Freelance poem writing essentially ramifies into three clear segments – Novelty, Erotica and Definition of patterns. Of course you can dabble into other forms of poetry as well but they won’t pay as well.

Novelty poems

Writing novelty poems is like creating your own brand equity. You need to address pivotal issues through allegories, parables or other figurative poems so that the readers get the buzz. It can be a diatribe against an existing system or a general eulogizing of a policy. Social awareness poems are most liked by readers, even if freelancers have to toil doubly hard for them.

Creative poems

Some clients wish the office environment, policies or products and services in poetic forms. They may also desire a poetic Landing page. Needless to say, such works are well-paid. You just have to keep the essential points in mind and stay within the parameters. The rest naturally pan out well.

A credible example

The clients may also ask for poetic definition of long-standing patterns from freelancers. For instance, someone defined Communism in a creative verse years ago as –

‘What is a communist – one who has yearning;

For equal division of unequal earning’

Assess your capacities

While he was not a freelancer, the clients are willing to pay much for such definitions or a poetic.

Interpretation of a superb piece of prose, say Kahlil Gibran’s philosophies. These poems are of an exalted standard and cannot be managed by writers of average fare. Assess your capacities before taking on such works. Also, enjoy the work while you are at it.

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