Solid Advice On Where To Find Sports Freelance Writing Positions

If you are a budding sports journalist and you want to start working as a freelance journalist, you can easily make a decent living by doing this job. All you have to do is visit the right places to get started and become known within the circles of sports journalists. Here’s how you can go about it.

  • Visit sports clubs
  • Visiting sports clubs in your area will shape your mindset as a sports journalist. Additionally, you will get enough resources for writing a full-page report or article. To put it differently, you will gradually be prepared as a sports columnist. Just do not forget that roaming around in these areas would not help you much. You need to build rapport with players, coaching staffs and support staffs to find inside stories. You can also talk to officials to know many new things. You can get a chance to write about the sports club you visit frequently in the process.

  • Attend sports matches
  • One easy way to hone your sports writing skills is to attend and cover matches. You can watch important matches from the stands, analyse the playing ability of different players, the ambience and the results for writing your first piece on sports. This way, you may eventually land your first contract of writing a match report for a local daily or tabloid.

  • Try to interview sports personalities
  • You may not be able to get access to great sports personalities. For example, it is virtually impossible for some rookie to get appointment from the likes of Wayne Roonie. However, you can interview junior players who are trying to get the first big contract and have already been dubbed as future stars. Be in touch with the players and once the player you had interview creates some impact, try selling the interview to a local newspaper. High chances are there that you will be getting regular assignments from them later on.

  • Find scandals in sports
  • Scandals sell like hot cakes. You may have seen your local football club administration doing injustice or showing bias against some player for some reason they don’t want to disclose. Dig deeper and you may be able to find an essay topic that will bring you good fortune in a matter of weeks.

The key to land a good freelance writer in sports is to keep your eyes wide open and have a nose for news.

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