A Manual For Freelance Copywriters: How To Enhance Your Skills

Skilled freelance copywriters are living their dreams by earning their dream figure salaries. Some claim that you have to be born word savvy or be an excellent marketer. However, like any other skill or talent, there is need to enhance your ability. It makes you better at what you are already talented in.

Before looking at how to enhance the skills of a freelance copywriter, let’s see the skills that are required.

  • Passion for information- this is a person who never tires of getting information about a particular field or product. This will lead to better understanding of the product or service and therefore ease in marketing.
  • Ability to write well- language is your primary communication tool. Mastery of language will help you transfer concepts across different media platforms, products and concepts. Mastery enables you to achieve clarity in communication.
  • Creative intelligence- as much as creativity is difficult to define, it is easy to identify. Creativity is necessary in thinking and strategizing, drawing analogies, similarities and connections as well as thinking broadly to achieve practical solutions, among other issues.
  • Savvy Salesmanship- copywriters do not sell physically or in person. They talk to audiences through boards, adverts and audio presentations. This calls for another dimension of marketing and salesmanship.
  • Computer skills- they are required for practical purposes. They enable you to actualize your ideas into an advert. There is a lot you can do with computers if you know how to use them.

To enhance your freelance copywriting skills, you require the following:-

  1. Keep it short and simple- complicated words make the advert difficult to understand. People have no time to listen to long and complex sentences. Shorter ones are catchy and memorable.
  2. Understand your audience- your audience will determine the concept to be used, the language and presentation. It takes visualization to understand what your readers want. Know their age, vocabulary, figurative language, etc.
  3. Research on the subject- understand the service or product thoroughly before creating your copy. Better understanding will lead to creativity and an enhanced ability to capture what is required.
  4. Read about successful copywriters- successful freelance copywriters share their experience on different platforms. Read about their lifestyles and emulate their achievements. Know their thought processes and how they come up with their ideas.
  5. Check your copy- go through your copy several times before submitting. If you feel the need to make any changes, execute it. Successful freelance copywriters indicate that they review their copies up to eight times before submitting.

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