Useful Advice On Landing Freelance Resume Writing Jobs Without Bidding

Working as a freelancer sounds great, but there is one simple problem that all new freelancers have encountered. How to find work as a freelance resume writer?

The worst things to do as a beginner freelancer are to just go out and start bidding for jobs. Luck may be on your side, but it is very likely that you will just end up spending less time writing (earning money) and more time bidding for jobs. The reality is that you will even after all that bidding get beaten in price. And at the end, even if you land the job, you will probably be asked to do more work that you are supposed to by contract.

Here are some options for those that want to earn money without the stress of constant bidding.

  • Social Media
  • With social media, you can find plenty of people who are in need of freelancers. There is no such thing as a “master directory of social media”, but you can easily find people that are in need of freelance resume writing jobs. Just Google terms like “social media consultant” or you can hang out on forums that they go to.

  • Job portals
  • It might seem pretty obvious, but most people forget that they can very easily find job as a freelance resume writer on job portals. Just before you go out and vast you time on bidding for jobs, check a few portals and you might find someone in need of good resume.

  • Blogging
  • Having a quality blog can easily land you good jobs without bidding. There are no other freelancers to compete with, you do what you like, and somebody will just notice your effort and good work and hire you.

  • Finding work offline – ask a friend
  • Finding offline work can also be rewarding. Internet looks like a vast space full of jobs that are waiting for you, but finding job offline can actually be easier for you. Think about networking, NGO, social events, and mingle with the people that are also aspiring to be freelancers. At the end, just ask a friend if he is in need of someone to write him a good resume.

  • Final advice – create a good portfolio
  • People will find you professional if you make a portfolio of all the resumes from different industries that you are capable of making. Keep it simple, but interesting, and you will easily land a job without bidding.

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