Freelance Writing For Money: A Guide For Starters

So, you want to be a freelance writer! This is a very exciting opportunity, but not everyone can do it. Today, we are going to discuss how to get started making money freelancing and the important things that new writers need to know.

Begin With Low Expectations

Nobody makes a million dollars as a freelance writer the first day they start. In fact nobody really makes a million dollars as a freelance writing, you are in the wrong business if that is what you are hoping to do.

With that kept in mind know that you can eventually make a living as a freelance writer once you develop a client list and a portfolio. However, first starting out it is important to have realistic expectations and approach the process as something that you can advance at later on. Begin instead looking for jobs that you know that you can do and that will ad to your portfolio of experience.

Learn How To Pitch and Bid on Work

The secret to be a successful freelance writer is mastering the art of pitching and bidding. You can do this by practicing how you write your pitches and learning what clients tend to respond to.

One piece of advice is always write an original pitch. DO NOT just copy and paste your proposal onto each application. Instead mention the project that you are bidding on specifically. Explain why you would like to take it on. Also be sure to list relevant past experience related to the topic that you will be writing on.

Refine Your Resume

When you first begin applying for freelance work you probably won’t have many examples to use. So, it is a good idea to have a resume on hand that highlights your expertise and what qualifies you to be a writer on specific topics. If at all possible you should also include as many relevant writing examples as you have on hand. You can even use some from your college days if you have to.

Becoming a freelance writer has a lot of perks. However if you don’t have realistic expectations you are going to be disappointed early on. If you intend to be successful you will need to learn how to pitch and bid on new work consistently. You’ll also want to refine your resume and collect plenty of your own writing examples in order to show off what you can do!

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