How To Find Professional Companies That Hire Freelance Writers

When someone is just beginning a freelance writing career, their first problem is connecting with potential clients. Although there are plenty of content mills online, finding high-paying positions can be difficult. The best paying jobs will generally be with a major corporation or non-profit organization. Since these businesses are larger, they can offer the steady work that writers need to earn an income. To get started on finding potential jobs, use these following tips.

Websites That Cater to Content

Content-based websites are fairly easily found on the web. They may be a review site, financial periodical or news page. From humor sites to college admissions blogs, these websites need a constant stream of new articles. Although some of them will market online for potential writers, other websites will need to be contacted via e-mail. Writers should put together a decent portfolio, resume and query letter and message the job that suits their interests.

Reach Out Directly

A company that specializes in biotechnology will not necessarily know how to post a job on a writers' forum. To find these lucrative positions, the writer will need to research potential corporations and e-mail them directly. Although this type of cold-calling can take a long time to do, it is the best way to find high-paying work. The writer will be able to command a higher wage, and they can query companies in the industry that the writer specializes in.

Search Freelance Job Boards

There are a number of different websites online that cater exclusively to freelance writers. At these sites, clients will list their potential job or project requirements. These sites will generally attract budget clients and low-paid work, so writers will have to search for a while to find a job within the right income range.

Check the Classified Ads

Newspapers may be going out of style, but the classified ads will still have job listings. Other than looking at local papers, writers should buy a newspaper from the largest city near them. In an effort to attract better employees, local companies will often place their advertisements in the newspaper of a large city. Online classified ads should also be checked so that the writer gets the most up-to-date information possible.

Ask Newspapers and Magazines About Openings

Writers can always check with their local magazine or newspaper to find potential jobs. Newspapers are not always hiring, so writers may have to wait for a job to open up. With all of the competition for journalists, a writer may also have to be willing to take an assistant position before they can move up to the level of a journalist.

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