Looking For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs For Undergraduates

There are several pieces of sound advice to follow if you are looking for well-paid freelance writing jobs. Being an undergraduate does not mean that you have to settle for low pay but you need to be aware of the market place.

  1. Prepare a bio.
    • One of the best ways to do this by looking at what other freelancers have written about themselves. When reading the bios put yourself in the clients position. What are the bios actually saying?
    • Be selective about what you are writing about yourself. A prospective client will not need to know that you achieved a level 1 certificate in Gymnastics but they may be interested in any writing awards you have attained.
    • Be concise. Don't write two paragraphs when just one will do. Remember the prospective clients will be reading several bios, make sure that yours stands out for all of the right reasons.
  2. Start a portfolio – it shows that you have experience
    • Start by focusing on your writing strengths. If creative writing comes easy to you then find a good example of work that may appeal to a prospective client.
    • Again the advice is to be selective. Show that you are flexible by collecting a range of examples. Ideally you need to pick out three of your best pieces of work that you are proud of.
    • Instead of submitting a whole paper, that may take a long time to read, pick out the best sections and save as a new document (don't forget to share the remit for the work). Make sure that you copyright your examples.
  3. Research - pay per hour.
    • Some freelance writing jobs are paid by the hour and others on completion. If you are looking for an hourly job there are different rates for different types of writing.
    • There are several websites that can give some guidelines regarding what to expect for rates. The more experienced you are the better rate of pay you can command.
    • Although Proofreading is reasonably well paid, you have to appreciate that there is more competition for these jobs and you must also guarantee that your work is error free.
  4. Research the Market.
    • Remember that you will be competing for jobs against people who are prepared to work for considerably less money than you. Some clients prefer quantity rather than quality, so be aware!
    • Make a comparison of different freelance writing agencies. What are the fees fees that they command? How do they ensure that you are guaranteed payment in a timely manner?
    • Be wary of the client who constantly changes the goal posts and keeps adding on additional tasks to be completed within the allotted time for the project and at no additional fee.

    Good Luck.

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