A Quick Guide To Online Freelance Article Writing Jobs For Students

Today, many students want to have a job while they’re going to school. Since it’s hard to study and work at the same time, students are looking for some flexible opportunities. Online freelance article writing seems the easiest way to earn some extra money in school. You get paid for preparing content for a website, client’s blog, educational institution, etc. Payments are either per article, per word, or per hour of work. Usually, you are assigned something to write before a particular deadline, and the client pays you as soon as the content is accepted.

If you want to work as a freelance writer, you should learn the basics provided in the following quick guide for students:

  1. Choose several topics that you would like to write about.
  2. It’s always interesting to write about something that you’re passionate about. You should start from identifying your interest areas. Don’t limit yourself, brainstorm potential areas, and select at least three.

  3. Consider topics that you know something about.
  4. You can write about something even if it’s from your life experience. For instance, you can write content for a blog devoted to college homework, useful learning techniques, time-management for students, etc. Sharing personal experience is fun.

  5. Learn about an article as a type of writing.
  6. Professional freelance writers usually work on different types of writing. Article preparing has its nuances. For example, you should understand what an excellent article for an educational portal should look like. Choose a good writing manual and study it carefully.

  7. Improve your writing skills.
  8. Practice makes perfect; so you should start writing as much as you can, get a dictionary and grammar textbook, and learn how to edit and proofread texts effectively. Create several high-quality articles that you’ll use as sample works.

  9. Look for your first job without paying much attention to a compensation amount.
  10. It’s important to get any freelance writing job, so don’t look for the highest prices. Sometimes, students start working for free projects to create their portfolios and get positive feedbacks from the clients.

  11. Keep all the details in mind.
  12. Freelance writers should keep lots of details in mind, including a topic, word limit, keywords, deadline, and special requirements if any. You should be well-organized and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

  13. Choose reliable employers.
  14. In the world of online freelance documents, there’s plenty of scam, so you should be careful and check whether a client is trustworthy before you start working on a project. A good idea is to look for comments left by other freelancers about a potential client.

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