How To Become A Freelance Writer Online: 5 Useful Suggestions

So you want to become a freelance writer? This is a competitive business that takes skill, drive, determination and a little bit of luck. However, it is also an industry that provides many opportunities for people just like you that are willing to put in the necessary steps to get where they need to be. If you are thinking about becoming a freelance writer, check out the following five useful suggestions that will help you meet that goal.

Play to Your Strengths

Before you can sell your skills and work to a potential client, you must first know where your strengths lie, then play to those strengths. For example, if you love to write business proposals or to do copywriting, then learn all you can about these areas of the writing industry and hone your craft. Once you have mastered the skills it takes, then seek out work in that area.

A Killer Portfolio

Every freelancer needs a killer portfolio in order to showcase their talents; this is especially important when you are first starting out. Having a website where you have samples of your work and links to work that has been picked up and published online is an easy way for potential clients to view your writing style and skills. Make sure you keep this site clean, efficient and professional (no cute or elaborate designs or fonts).

Job Boards

There are many job boards dedicated to the freelance writer. Simply type in your keywords and let the internet do the searching. Some of these job boards also have a place where you can leave your email address and new job listings will be sent to your inbox on a daily basis. This is a convenient and free way to look for online work.

Go After the Client

Once you have your skills in place and know your niche, going after the client or business you'd like to work for is another option for landing online freelance work. To find the submission guidelines of an online site, go to their "contact us" or "submission guidelines" tabs. From here you will be directed to the procedure of submitting work. Follow the guidelines carefully so you will have the best chance of having your work read by an editor or reading assistant.

Persistence and Patience

The last and perhaps the most important tip is to be persistent and have patience. Finding online freelance work is not always easy, nor does it always come quickly. Keep honing your writing skills while you wait for that big client. And never, ever give up on your dream of being an independant freelance writer.

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