Little-Known Ways of Becoming a Great Freelance Travel Copywriter

Can you imagine yourself traveling the world and getting paid to do so by simply writing content as a freelancer? It’s a dream many people have and what most don’t know is that it is a dream that is very attainable, assuming you’ve taken the proper steps in getting started. Here are some little-known ways of becoming a great freelance travel copywriter:

  • Create a Writing Profile
  • The first step in becoming great in this profession is creating a professional profile that gives your background, education, and experience in a clear and direct way. Research some sites to get ideas, but strive to make your profiles as unique and interesting as possible. Provide links to your profiles in all communications. This will increase the number of page visits you receive, meaning that you will start to rank higher in online searches.

  • Upload Sample Pieces
  • With each one of your freelance profiles you should upload several samples of your best travel writing work from your past. It’s good to keep these updated, but don’t hesitate to leave particularly successful pieces if they demonstrate a voice that sets you apart from other writers who will be competing for the same projects.

  • Write Impactful Proposals
  • One of the most important components of becoming a great copywriter is gaining vast experience. You improve your chances of landing a variety of projects by writing proposals that are impactful and get you hired. Don’t rely on simple proposals complemented by work samples. Practice writing proposals that target specific clients and that speak to individuals’ needs.

  • Connect with Professionals
  • There is a misconception that suggests travel copywriters enjoy working alone and distance themselves from the publishing world. This would hardly be a good plan for anyone who wants to find success in this highly competitive field. In this profession, you must always present yourself and make yourself known in a number of circles. It’s easier to find great paying gigs if you come up on clients’ minds often.

  • Develop a Strong Following
  • Lastly, you’re going find greater financial success if you build a solid following of loyal readers. Not only will your name get recognized by readers who enjoy this kind of writing, but publishers will compete to have your content featured in their publications. This will allow you to drive your own rates up and give you the freedom to pick and choose the projects you want.

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