5 Tips For Dummies: Is Freelance Writing A Business?

So you finally decided that you want to leave your job, and start your own freelancing career. Probably you don’t know what you have to do next, because this kind of work is different from any other one. Anything that you’ve learned on your previous jobs you must forget, because you have to start focusing on new things. You have to manage the legal part, the payment terms and to do the actual work. Writing is easy, but taking care of all these aspects is not something simple. However, it is completely doable.

  1. Create a portfolio. This is what you have to do before anything else. When a client wants to hire you, he will ask for samples of your work and you have to be always ready to provide some. The articles that you send as sample must be engaging, on different themes and to have impeccable grammar and punctuation. If your portfolio is impressive, you have a good chance to be hired.

  2. Be careful what you write when you apply for jobs. When you submit your proposal, you have to convince the client that he should hire you, not other writer. That is why every proposal that you make must be adapted to the job that you are applying for. Many writers make the mistake to submit standard proposal, but the customer will notice this immediately.

  3. Use safe payment. You don’t want to offend your client by asking him the money before you give him the content, but you also don’t want to risk to be scammed. A safe payment system is the best option, and luckily many freelance websites offer such an option. It is a measure of protection both for the client and the writer.

  4. Make effective research. Every time you read enough about a subject, you end up writing in a friendly, relaxed way about it. This will be obvious in your content and the clients will be eager to hire you again.

  5. Don’t write in a rush. It takes time until you find your personal writing rhythm, so you don’t have to push yourself to write articles just for the sake of writing. This only means bad articles for your customer, and a negative feedback for you. Even if you need a week to write two articles, be hones from the very beginning.

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