Surfing The Net: Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Freelance writing is a growing field that appears to be growing even more momentum. Largely, the phenomenon can be attributed to a lack of qualified staff writers at companies that don’t require a full-time writer but do need quality writing for brochures, memos, emails, web pages and more. It’s opened up a wealth of opportunities for young writers who can write quality content for one company then move on to another to writer more content. Young or new writers always ask the question: “Where are the writing jobs?” The answer to this: They’re online. One just needs to know where to look.

  • Freelancing websites:
  • Freelancing has become so popular in the last five years that there are now dozens of websites that cater specifically towards independent writers who are seeking individual projects in every writing niche imaginable. Freelancing sites makes it easy for writers and clients to meet and make arrangements for a number of projects – small or big – and makes it easy for safe and reliable transactions to occur between the two entities. Freelance sites are great for new and veteran writers alike because they afford the opportunity to take on as little or as many jobs as one likes, ensuring that writers do only the work they want without getting overwhelmed.

  • Submission websites:
  • Several online journals request submissions from freelance writers who have opinion pieces to share to the world. Gardening. Politics. Sports. The available subjects are almost limitless and the need to have regular writers who can contribute quality content is endless. Submission websites are great because freelance writers’ profiles are often featured, and this often leads to more opportunities. The trick involved in dealing with these websites is that freelance writers only submit to those sites which relate to their particular interests and expertise. A writer can quickly lose credibility if he or she writes on subjects they aren’t remotely familiar with.

  • Online classifieds:
  • Classifieds have certainly evolved from when your parents used the Sunday papers to find everything from used appliances to part-time jobs. Online classifieds give freelance writers to search, sort, and key in on jobs that are perfect for their expertise. Online classifieds are a favorite because there are hundreds of new postings each day. And the fact that most of these posting are for immediate job postings mean that writers can jump in and start a job immediately and expect payment within a couple of days.

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