5 Helpful Suggestions For Those Who Are Looking For Freelance Writing Jobs

To officially be a freelance writer, an individual has to get paid for their work. Finding jobs is one of the key skill sets requires by a writer. Even the best writing in the world will not put dinner on the table if the writer cannot get paid projects. To find new clients and jobs, individuals should use the five following tips.

Writing Blogs

Before someone can get hired by a client, they need to have a portfolio of their work. Blog writing is a great way to develop a portfolio. There are many blogs that will allow writers to post content. Although these jobs may not be paid positions, they are a great way for writers to create a portfolio and market their skills.

Technical Writing

Some of the more lucrative writing jobs available are in the field of technical writing. This field requires writers who have an in-depth knowledge of different industries. They may have to write out equipment manuals, instructions or software guides. In the field of technology, software and video game writers command a significantly higher wage than the industry at large.

Print Is Not Dead

Although newspapers and magazines have fewer subscribers than in the past, they still are a viable option for freelancers. Writers can submit an article on spec to a magazine or apply for a job with their local newspaper. For inexperienced writers, many publications will have internships available. Signing up for an internship is a great way to learn about writing without having to pay for college classes.

Create a Profile

There are several different websites that cater to freelance writing. Through one of these sites, writers can create a profile. In the profile, they should showcase the best aspects of their resume and a portfolio of their best work. Unlike traditional content mills, these sites have projects that command higher wages. Like most fields, the writer will have to work their way up to the better-paying jobs. As they develop a job history through the site, they will be able to reach out to higher-paying clients.

Consider the Content Mills

It might not be a freelancers first choice, but content mills are a viable way for earning money. They typically offer consistent payments and work. Although they typically pay a lower rate than other writing options, a content mill is an excellent way for writer's to hone their skills while getting paid.

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