Finding The Most Attractive Online Freelance Content Writing Jobs: Basic Hints

Earn extra cash in your spare time – that is how the adverts always start. It is easy, they say, to write online content. There are thousands sites looking for words to fill the screen. But are these adverts telling the whole truth? The suspicion is that the work they offer must be too good to be true.

Then you remember the rush hour on the freeway or the crowds crammed onto public transport and you think there must be some truth in there.

The answer is both yes and no. There are good and not-so-good jobs out there. You’ve just got to be choosey about the work you do. So, how do you go about locating the best projects that will actually pay you that extra cash the adverts promise?

Here are a few hints to help you search more wisely.

  1. Check out the internet. You are seeking work producing online content so look on the internet. Blogs of experienced freelancers talk about giving a wide berth to sites that want free samples of your work.
  2. Social Networks. Business-oriented social networks are places to advertise that you are available for hire and look for other people offering interesting work.
  3. Direct Contact. Large companies sometimes need the help of freelance copywriters. Contact them directly with your enquiry. It might be worth seeing if they have already worked with freelance writers; that way they are more likely to have common sense ideas about what the work entails.
  4. Magazines and Newspapers. Journalism work is worth seeking out. The internet presence of magazines and newspapers means they need plenty of interesting articles, so they keep their advertisers sweet. Local newspapers are a good place to start as you build up samples of your work. Move on to the National publications that have huge circulations and pay better rates. Success in journalism requires working long hours and creating a strong network of acquaintances.
  5. Local Networking. Word of mouth is a good way to locate work. Talking to other pen-pushers in your town is the best way to learn who takes forever to pay you and which are the places offering good work.
  6. Permanent Post. The constant need to seek out new work can be a drag. Use some of the ideas above to get a permanent post or perhaps interlinked work with one client.

The lucrative freelance work is out there. It just requires hard work and dedication to locate it.

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