Where To Look For Profitable Online Jobs For Resume Writers

As a freelance resume writer, not only do you derive joy from doing what you love, you also wish to earn extra income doing so. This time around, there is more flexibility working online as resume writers than doing so in brick and mortar offices. In order to earn a little more than you already get, you should know where to look for profitable online jobs that require resume writers. Here are a few places where you should go looking, if you have not done so already. They are as follows:

  • Resume Writing Companies: Reputable resume writing companies employ the best writers and as such, pay them well for the services they render. If you are sure of your skills and very good at what you do, you can earn more by applying and freelancing with reputable writing companies.
  • Blogs: There are some self-employed resume writers that are getting more jobs than they can handle. All you need to do is scout for blogs owned by experienced and professional resume writers. Get in touch with them by sending them a well-crafted email, introducing yourself and seeking to know if they need help with resume writing.
  • Freelance Brokerage Sites: There are various websites that serve as brokers between freelance writers and those in need of writing. Although the pricing could get competitive, when you stick to doing good work at reasonable rates, you will have a reasonable number of repeat clients that are willing to pay for what your services are worth.
  • Social Networks: Your target on the various social networks would be new graduates who are trying to find their feet in the corporate world. They are willing to pay a reasonable amount to get their resume properly written and polished. You can also target those who are celebrating a promotion as they need to get their resume updated to reflect the current addition to their work experience.
  • Job Boards: There are various reputable job boards where different types of writing jobs are advertised, including resume writing. While some of these job boards are free to register on, some require paid registration. It is up to you which ones to register with.

Whatever you do, you should never forget that it is up to you to decide how much you want to earn from each resume writing project. Therefore, you should build your skills to a very high level. If you need further help in boosting your resume writing career, then this website can assist you in doing so.

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