Solid Advice On How To Write Christian Articles And Get Paid

Whether you are a Christian yourself, or you are simply interested in religion and would like to earn money by writing about it, then you may be wondering how you can write Christian articles and get paid.

This following guide should give you a better understanding of how you might start out as a Christian writer, and what you can do to find work.

  • Getting experience with your local church or Christian groups
  • Whilst it is not essential to have experience, it will be beneficial to have some sort of portfolio or samples that you can provide to potential clients. Ultimately, you will be more likely to be hired by clients if you can demonstrate your abilities as a writer, and show that you have some experience.

    In order to gain some experience, you may wish to see whether your local church needs any content written, for example, for a newsletter. Alternatively, there might also be some local Christian groups who put together some written content that you can help with.

    In fact, there are many ways that you can get experience, including simply setting up your own blog on the Internet, which can be done for free.

  • Contacting Christian websites and publications to see if they need written work
  • In order to start trying to find work, it can be particularly useful to try and contact people directly. For example, you might try and contact any Christian websites that you find on the Internet, as well as the editor of any Christian publications that you might be interested in writing articles for.

    If you do take this approach, then it can be a good idea to try and have a proposal that you can put forward. For example, you might have an idea of a good article that you can write for a website or publication.

  • Looking for Christian writing jobs on freelance websites
  • A particularly easy way of finding Christian writing jobs is to look on freelance websites. This saves you the bother to look for jobs or opportunities yourself; however, the volume of work can vary considerably, so you might have some competition. Equally, some of the clients who use these websites do not necessarily pay particularly good rates and, therefore, you might find that this approach is not necessarily lucrative enough for you, particularly on a long-term basis.

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