Writing Tips: How To Increase An Average Hourly Rate For A Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are a heterogeneous group. There are some with multiple doctoral level degrees and years of journalistic experience under their belts. Others have just barely finished elementary school and have a tenuous grasp of the English language although they claim to be much better than they are. Most likely you are at neither one of these extremes. More importantly, skill level is only part of what you need to consider in earning more as a writer. Here are some ways you can climb to the top.

Pay your dues

If you have never written for money before, it helps to try writing for smaller rates initially. Nobody knows you and even if it doesn’t seem that way, hiring you represents a gamble for your potential clients. Some of the worst freelancers out there have given the others a bad name. Create a reputation for yourself at the lower end of the pay scale and you will begin to attract better paying jobs.

Hone your craft

If you feel insecure about your writing abilities, get better. There are free writing courses available as MOOCs that anyone, anywhere in the world can access. This means that while you work for smaller fees you can amass the skills that may one day make you wealthy.

Diversify your writing

If you have a specialty you can establish yourself as an authority in that field. You may also trap yourself in such a way that if the demand for your skill declines, there will be no money coming in to you at all. Write articles, dissertations, poetry and blog content if you can. Be good at what you do and more of it will come to you.

Approach clients directly

Responding to job posts on freelancing sites will take you up to a point but some of the better paying jobs that pay over $100 per article can only be accessed by going straight to the client. This is something you should save for when you’re comfortable writing at a professional standard. Approaching the highest paying clients before you’re ready could result in them dismissing you as a poor writer and not giving you the chance after your writing has improved.

If you are really talented, you may even be able to freelance in other fields or be a virtual assistant who also writes. The options are almost limitless.

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