Searching For Sustainable Freelance Writing Jobs For High School Students

Many students know at a young age that they want to be authors. The great news is that they can start their career when they are young. There are quite a few places where a high school student can publish. Do keep in mind that sometimes when a high school student has work accepted for publication the payment is lower than might be expected. And there will be venues that do not want to pay at all. The idea is that they are gaining experience. As work is accepted, then the payments will increase. Just be patient.

Places to Look for Freelance Writing

  • Local Newspapers and Magazines: the local media is always looking for work that comes from a young person’s perspective. Many of these print media outlets have sections dedicated to high school and junior high students. Check the papers and magazines for contact information, and if they have an online presence, check there, as well.
  • Contests Geared to Students: there are many legitimate contests that are geared toward young people. You should go to see you guidance counselor for details on those places. You should not have to pay or if you do, it is minimal. While you might not make much money this way, you will be gaining work for your portfolio.
  • Online Sites for Young People: the Internet has thousands of blogs, writing forums, journals, and sites for people under the age of 18. The good news for a freelance writer who is under the age of 18 is that these places need work. Again, your pay may be minimal, but you will be gaining credits and getting publication experience. Ask the journalism teacher at your school to point you in a direction and give you some site names.

As you can see, there are many places for sustainable freelance writing jobs. You just have to look in the right places to find the jobs and employment. Make sure to have sample work ready, compile a resume, do your best work, be very professional, and be ready to write at a moment’s notice. If you have a specialty field, include that information as you seek work. At first your pay may be small, but once you get work, your pay and your amount of work should increase. You should just remember that you have to start this profession somewhere.

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