Looking For The Best Writing Positions From Home: Tips For Freelance Writing Moms

Being a mom is hard work, but many women still want to or need to hold down a job. Freelance writing may just be the answer! Being able to work from home, according to your own schedule, is a fantastic way to have a job and still be a stay-at home mom. Perhaps these great tips for finding the best freelance writing positions form home can help.

Look for flexibility

Let’s be honest, being a mother is already a full time job! For this reason, you should try looking for positions that are as flexible as possible to allow you to care for your children when you need to. Jobs with flexibility will allow you to have an excellent writing career, but still give your children all the love and attention that they need from you. Thankfully, this will help prevent you from feeling the guilt that so many working mothers feel.

Try to find jobs writing short pieces

As a mother, you probably don’t have many long stretches of uninterrupted time in your day. If this is the case, you should try to find jobs that require you to write many short pieces, instead of a few very long pieces. This way, it’ll be okay if you can only write in short bursts, as you’ll be able to finish a piece in each of those short periods of time. You won’t have the irritation of having to keep finding your place in a long project, or trying to regain your lost focus after an interruption.

Establish a good relationship with your clients

You should build a good relationship with all your clients, so that if something does go wrong, and you miss a deadline due to a doctor’s visit, they’ll be more understanding. Just try to make sure you don’t miss too many deadlines, as your clients may start to think you’re unreliable and stop giving you work.

Create boundaries

It’s really important that your family respect your freelance writing career just as much as they would respect another career. One way to create this respect is to make a spot for yourself to work uninterrupted. Teach your family that when you’re in your office, they should only interrupt you if it’s urgent. This will show everyone that your career really matters to you, and should matter to them, too.

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