Truth And Lies About Online Freelance Writing Jobs

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Never forget this. Don’t be a patsy.

Lie 1: Its always either plethora or dearth


While you may have been led to believe that freelance online writing jobs are usually available in excess – not to say that they are not – this may or may not be true entirely.

There are far too many variables in the equation to make such a claim catholically applicable. For instance, while there may be a sufficient availability of such online writing jobs in fields such as web site content creation, there may be a slight limitation to the number of jobs that may be available in esoteric fields such as medical or legal writing jobs.

There is no cardinal rule that governs the entire scope of the market, as there are simply too many changing variable factors that influence different market trends.

Lie 2: You work freelance, you can juggle as many clients as you want


There is some truth to the above-mentioned statement, but the keyword in the sentence is some. There are no absolutes in life, none at all – see the irony in this sentence?

The number of clients and the number of projects that you can juggle has no limit at all. Well, apart from the limit being there being a limited number of hours in the day, and a limit on the capacity with which you can work.

You may be able to write 5 to 6 400 word articles about generic topic an hour, and say you work 8 to 10 hours a day, this practice would yield a lot of work product. But say you have to work on something very esoteric such as a new experimental medical procedure for which you have to first research thoroughly before you can begin writing. You 8 to 10 hour productive with 4 to 5 to 6 articles a day can be bid adieu.

Lie 3: There is a freedom from schedule when working freelance


Now this one is utterly ridiculous. You are working freelance, which means that you can choose the hours you work, but this does not at all mean that you will not have a schedule to which you will need to stick to.

Consider for instance that you have multiple – say two – jobs at a time with parallel deadlines for completion. Think about it, how exactly are you going to be free from a schedule if you want to finish the work on time?

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