How Not To Miss Well-Paid Freelance Writing Opportunities

Freelance writing is becoming more and more popular as a career option or part time work, and it’s easy to understand why—you can work from anywhere, set your own hours, and make good money. There are several strategies to help you be successful in it and find good paying jobs:

  • Find a site that matches your skills
  • It’s possible to find freelance work in practically any field—from writing to programing to design. And there are dozens of different freelance websites, many of which specialize in one area or another. So it is important to join a site where you will be able to find jobs that match your skills.

  • Get a membership to get perks
  • Many freelance websites have free memberships or paid memberships. If the paid membership includes perks like the ability to see what others have bid on jobs, it can be well worth the modest price per month.

  • Bid competitively and strategically
  • When bidding, it’s easy to be tempted to underbid everyone in order to get the job. But if it leads you to bidding less per hour than is worth your time, you’ll only be devaluing your own skills. If the website you’re using shows you the profile of other bidders, note where they are from and how much experience they seem to have. If many are from overseas and don’t have much experience, you can likely bid somewhere in the middle of the pack and still get the job. But if everyone else bidding for it has good experience, you’ll only have a chance at getting the job if you bid lower.

  • Don’t waste your time on jobs that don’t pay well
  • Early on in your freelance career you should set a price per hour that you won’t go under. There are lots of different way to go about this, whether it is what you must make to pay your bills, or what you could make hourly at another job. But in general, you shouldn’t go under.

  • Get regular, weekly jobs
  • Regular weekly jobs can be a great way to make your work more stable. Freelance work can be notoriously up and down. But even if it is a weekly job for just $75 per week, it will ensure that even in the lows you won’t be without any work.

  • Cultivate repeat clients
  • Repeat clients are another great way to make your work more stable, and to get better paying jobs. Once a client has an idea of the quality of your work, and doesn’t feel like they are taking a risk, they’ll be willing to pay more.

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