A Guide On How To Get Freelance Magazine Writing Jobs

There are thousands of magazines that need content written for their subscribers, some more widely spread than others, but they all need writers. Every magazine you can think of is probably actively looking for new talent, even if the audience is small. If you have a blog or a website about a topic you are passionate about, then writing for a magazine on something similar will help bring traffic and readers to your site. It’s definitely worth the work of looking and pitching to magazine editors, as long as you do it smartly.

Findings magazines to write for

Since this can be a pretty lucrative way of making money, you can easily earn anywhere from 10 cents per word up to 50 cents a word, or sometimes more. Depending on your skill, experience, and the market of the magazine, you are getting paid much more than just any writing jobs.

Here are some places to look:

  • Trade magazines: small but lucrative
  • These are made by businesses for businesses in a particular industry. There are literally tons of these, and whatever education you have, you can probably find a trade magazine in that niche to write for

  • Custom publications: trusted brands
  • This type of publication is written for certain clients of a company or organization. Magazines from a local fitness club or other places, are made by that club for their members that you won’t find anywhere else. You can get steady work with these if they like your work

Ways to get magazine jobs

Make sure you read a few articles from a few issues of the magazines so that you know the basic scope and expectations of that publication. Think about what kind of topics you might want to write, and would be able to do research on. Usually the first ones that pop into your head will suck, and that’s okay. Keep brainstorming, and think in terms of broad ideas rather than specific angles, because it’s probably already been done before.

Magazines are not like blogs. Blogs are opinion-based and people will write waht they think, without needing to back it up. But magazines need references, evidence and source material cited to support what you are saying. You can find people at universities to interview, online forums, or even use your own email list of readers if you already run a website in a similar industry.

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