How To Get The Best Freelance Article Writing Jobs

If you’re new to freelancing and want to dive into the deep end of the money pool, then consider the following pointers on how to grab the best online writing jobs available.

Establish your reputation as a writer

If you haven’t done much writing yet, then faking it until you make isn’t a good strategy to follow. The best thing you can do is to write for free for someone you know or for a small business close to home. Offer your services to someone and tell them you’ll write their web content or a free blog. Once this work is published online, you can add it to your profile and show your future clients that you have decent experience.

Search for reputable companies

The best online writing jobs are not derived from the first time pop up clients that try their hand at hiring on a freelancing platform. Choose rather to work for clients who have already established reputations and are used to dealing with freelancers.

Submit some decent examples as a proposal

When proposing for a job, your writing will often speak louder than your proposal itself. Attach your best work with your proposal and show your client what you’re made of. If you’re as good as you think you are, you will get the work at the rate you asked for.

Offer to do a test

If you get the feeling your client is sceptical about your quality, offer to do a paid-for sample first. The client will feel like he or she is running a lower risk by giving you a test, and you will still get paid for your time if the client decides not to go with you. A very important part of this is asking the client for feedback if your test is rejected so that you can work on improving it.

Stay loyal to your client

The best freelance work is repeat business. Not only will it establish your reputation as a writer and attract other clients to you, but it will add a sense of security—a rare aspect in freelancing. For this reason, be sure to keep your regular clients happy and don’t just disregard their work for the first client that offers you a slightly better rate. A regular client will always trump new clients because their work is assured. New work is often sporadic and unpredictable.

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