The Ultimate Tutorial for Freelance Copywriters

With so many freelance jobs available online, working as a copywriter has become a hot career choice. Before quitting a day job, prospective copywriters should learn the ins and outs of the business. Learning how to bid on projects, find clients and perform the work correctly are must-have skills for any copywriter.

The Competition Doesn't Matter...Sometimes

There are literally thousands of copywriters bidding on projects online. New writers may feel intimated by the increased competition. Although comparing prices and quality matters slightly, copywriters should still enter this career field. New copywriters are needed all the time. Even if a copywriter abroad can offer a lower price, they may not have the technical expertise or writing quality. Before getting started, writers should size up the competition to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

Create a Website

A portfolio and a strong website are some of the best ways to reach out to potential clients. Having a decent website is a great way for a copywriter to demonstrate what they can do. It may take time to create a website, but the effort is worth it. Fortunately, there are many apps, formatting tools and domain hosts that make website creation extremely cheap.

Getting Work

To get a project, writers have to show that they can do the work. Unfortunately, they cannot do the work if they cannot get a project. To escape from this catch-22 situation, writers should try doing the work for free. Developing a blog, interning at a corporation or volunteering at a non-profit organization are all excellent ways to develop a decent collection of work.

Detachment and Stoicism Are Positive Qualities

From the client to an editor, copywriters will have to deal with a lot of criticism. Even if the writing is perfect, a client still may not like the direction that the writing is going. Writers must be able to deal with criticism without getting offended. A certain level of detachment is a must-have for any freelance writer.

Listen to the Client

The writer will only earn money if the client is happy. To keep clients and editors content, writers should take time to listen to what they want. If they have an in-person client, the writer could take them out to lunch or coffee to discuss the project. This will allow the writer to get a chance to fully understand the project and the requirements. In addition, it is an excellent way to build a strong relationship with the client.

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