A Guide For Freelance Writers: How To Start Writing Magazine Articles

Freelance writers have to be able to turn their hand to any sort and style of writing that they are given, including magazine articles. If you are not so familiar with this genre, however, it can be difficult to know even where to start. Presented here is the perfect introductory guide for how to just start and stop stressing along the way.

  • Read other magazine articles
  • If you are absolutely stuck for somewhere to begin, this is the best way to quickly and easily to get a sense of the sort of style you should be following. You can find this sort of stuff anywhere - in newsagents, in supermarkets and even online for free! Once you’ve read a couple of these - and it usually helps if you pick those that are about similar subjects to the one you will be working on, such as health, beauty, etc. - then it’s time to begin getting something on the page!

  • Write something - anything - to start
  • The hardest part of writing, and the thing that most curbs creativity, is a blank page. So get rid of it! Write anything that comes to your mind and is somehow related to the subject at hand. It can be facts and figures; it can be a description; it can be anything! And it doesn’t necessarily have to feature in your finished article. You can delete it altogether if you would rather. However, you will find that, once you’re not staring a blank page, the rest of the piece flows more smoothly and usually without any more trouble!

  • Make a list of the most important things to include
  • There are some absolutely key things to include in a magazine article, most of which change depending on the sort of piece that you are planning. For example, in a lot of articles that advise readers which products to buy, there has to be a short description and summary of the products being reviewed before you go on to compare and contrast them. Once you’ve done the reading of other examples of articles (step one listed above), you can start making a list of the things you need to include in your own piece. Identify the separate things that you’ll need to remember to describe or summarise and then make sure you do those things! If you are unsure, read another example, just to be sure that you have the right idea about what to include.

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