A Quick Guide To Online Freelance Writing: Short Stories

If you are a freelance writer or looking to get into the field then chances are you are either an independent author who is simply looking to top up their income or you have long harbored dreams of becoming a published author. Ghostwriting short stories could be just up your alley as it will give you the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that your baby has gone to print – even if someone else is getting the plaudits and credit for it.

What a lot of writers struggle with is how to get regular gigs in the first place. Hopefully my quick and easy guide by writersdepartment.com will provide you with some food for thought and help you on your way.

Practice producing short stories first

This might sound like a no-brainer, but there is an art to coming up with good short works of fiction, that will not only satisfy a potential readership, but crucially will sell. Maybe article writing has been your thing up until now, and you are looking to branch out. Or maybe, you have written a few shorts in the past but haven’t done anything recently. My advice to you would be to write three or four short stories just so that you can be sure that you can deliver high-quality in a timely manner. There are enough bad writers out there. Don’t fall into that trap.

Search online freelance sites

The large, online sites are full of calls for short story writers. They are great for testing the water, and provided you take the time to submit a comprehensive, carefully crafted proposal you should find it relatively easy to pick up a project. The only word of caution that I would sound is that the going rates for short stories on sites like this are very low. Sometimes, as low as $20. So long as you understand that you are not going to be able to feed and clothe your family via this route then you should be okay.

Publishing houses

Short stories are considered a niche and lots of the major publishing houses won’t publish them. However, there are several small presses that do, and the best way to avoid disappointment is to check their website to see if:

  • They are open to submissions
  • Their submission requirements

Online magazines

A lot of magazines will put out calls for story writers. You will probably find that the target audience is primarily female and the genre Romance. If you are looking to write in other genres, then you might find the task a little harder.

Good luck in your quest to become a published writer of short stories.

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